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Is your trash dumpster being filled with cardboard boxes? Because of its bulk and the void space it creates when not broken down properly, it can become increasingly expensive to dispose of. Let us help you save money, assist in managing your waste more effectively, and minimize the amount of trash entering the landfill.

Renew Waste provides 8 cubic yard dumpsters for those businesses that generate a large amount of cardboard. These containers come with a slotted front to insure all boxes are flattened properly. Each container has a locking mechanism that restricts the general public from disposing illegally, while keeping employees accountable for breaking down boxes.

Maximizing space in our cardboard dumpster will allow you to free up space in the trash by reducing the frequency and size in which your waste hauler has to come by for service. Pilot our dumpster for free. To find out how, click here.

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Slotted & Locked Dumpster

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MRF (Material Recovery Facility)

Our state of the art processing facility is designed to handle large quantities of loose and baled recyclable material. Depending on the volume/tonnage we will purchase your material at a competitive rate.  Are you getting paid for your material on a consistent basis?  Are you unsure how much material you are recycling every month?

If not, we have a solution for you. We provide a detailed monthly reporting document that shows exactly how much your company is recycling, natural resources saved, and how much money your getting back.  With Renew Waste, you will know exactly when and how much you are getting paid every month.  We will purchase your material in the form of compactors, roll-offs, and truckload quantities.

Less Than Truckload Quantities (LTL):

We provide pickup of bales as needed and also spot trailers for locations that can't place bales outside or inside due to space requirements. We handle mixed LTL loads that may combine various recyclables, i.e. OCC, Paper, Plastic, all on the same trailer. Coming Soon In Early 2016.

Distribution Service:

We will spot trailers and coordinate pick-up service as needed. This service is typically for higher volume generators, i.e. > 50 tons per month. Trailers are typically shipped directly to the mill, which may increase revenue by minimizing handling of recyclables. Coming Soon In Early 2016.

Bale Route:

We provide bale route service for customers looking to have 5 plus bales picked up on a consistent schedule TBD. Bales can be stored inside or outside for pick-up. Bale route optimization services are provided to enhance revenues for customers. Coming Soon In Early 2016.

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Free Waste Consultation

Step #1 - Site Survey

Let us come out to your property to determine if you need a cardboard dumpster, spotted trailer, baler, compactor, or bale route application that will best suite your needs. Our experienced team will help determine the best plan of action to handle all waste.

Step #2 - Waste Audit

After Renew has performed a site survey, we will create a detailed waste plan showing potential savings, while helping improve on your current disposal process.

Step #3 - Free Pilot Program

More often than not we like to prove the success of our program by giving you a free trial. This allows us to set goals, gauge volume, and make the best possible decision on your waste before moving forward together. Please fill out the form below to schedule a Site Survey, Waste Audit, or participate in our free pilot program. Thank You!

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